CE certificate

In order to get a CE certificate, there are a number of requirements that a product must meet. This differs depending on the product category, but always implies that the product must be safe and the produce must be able to prove it.

To be more specific, the general safety requirement means that the producer can prove which standards the product meets and why it is adequate to consider the product as ‘safe’. This mus also be verified by other parties, meaning that it should also have public support.

All our products are CE aprovved and found safe by specialists. Anyone can view the documentation of the CE-inspection on request. Please contact us for further information.

RoHS marking

The RoHS marking is a standard for limiting the use of harmful substances in our products. The aim is to reduce as much as possible the use these substances.

EVEAR B.V has also received approval to place this marking on all its products, so all products manufactured by EVEAR B.V are produced in a safe way and releases no harmful substances during the process. We make this possible by our latest way of producing different designs. The production is done without laser or any other method in which harmful substances are released.

To sum up, EVEAR B.V’s products are test and found to be safe for everyone. We hold this certificate with pride and makes us distinguish ourselves from many other wholesalers.

WEEE Directive

All our products comply with the WEEE directive. This means that if your product breaks fown after a long period of time, you do not have to throw the product away. You may return the product to a waste disposal station, where its parts can still be recycled. This way we manage to reduce waste!

Other symbols: recycling

On the backside of our clocks you will find the well-known ‘recycling’ logo: three arrows in a triangle. We use this sticker to indicate that all our products are recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Other symbols: Quality control

We always check the quality of the product before packing and shipping it to the customer. We test if a clock works properly by inserting a battery and checking if the mechanism works. Finally, before producing our clocks we verify that the LP’s used are not seriously damaged or have large scratches. This way we guarantee that we delivery a high quality product.

Other symbols: made in EU

We feel it’s very important to have a close overview of our production. That is why we have our machinery and production in the Netherlands. Our products have a ‘Made in EU’ sticker on the backside. This means that all our products are manufactured in the European Union, more exactly in the Netherlands in our case. We find it extremely relevant to have a close overview of the production, so that’s why we set our production in the Netherlands.

User’s manual

On the back of the box you will be able to find a user’s manual, that you can read relevant information about the use and recyling of your clock. It also specifies how to set the clock and make use of the electronic equipment.