Our mission

At EVEAR B.V we have a clear mission: we want to make the world a better and cleaner place by recycling resources and turning them into beautiful and useful products with a beneficial impact for people and the environment. This mission is made up of two elements: people and the environment. Keep reading below to find out how we achieve our mission.


The production takes place just around the corner. In our factory in the Netherlands we manufacture the most beautiful clocks with unique designs in a safe working environment and with fair production conditions. We would liek to have cheerful faces on our working space. In addition, we work in a customer-oriented way, which means that we’ll do everything for a smile.


All our products are made from recycled materials. During the production, we use old LPs. These are vinyl records that nobody wants and are therefore saved from becoming rubbish. These vinyl records are extremely suitable for making new products such as clocks and guitar picks.

There is of course waste during our production as some parts of the records are removed. At EVEAR B.V we make use of this waste material and use it for new upcoming products. This makes EVEAR B.V a socially responsible company that seeks Zero Waste production.

In addition to recycling vinyl records, our clocks are also certified with the ISO 14001 standard. This implies that that through a system of environmental care, the enviornmental risks of all business operations will be controlled and, if possible, reduced.